The King's (The Cathedral) School


Everyone in Year 12 has the opportunity to take part in the National ‘Young Enterprise’ Company Programme, the main aims of which are:

  • To ignite the spirit of enterprise in young people throughout the UK
  • To provide an insight into the running of a small business
  • To develop communication skills with a range of different people
  • To make a profit in the context of real commercial conditions

'Inspiring success through real business experience'

Every September, all Year 12 students will be invited to submit an application task to apply to be part of the Young Enterprise programme. The entries will then be shortlisted to identify a range of students to take part in the Young Enterprise programme.

Each year a ‘Young Enterprise’ company is formed, which is given support and guidance from a local business. The members of the company elect a ‘Board of Directors’ and decide which products the company will manufacture, market and sell for the following year. The company is initially financed by the selling of shares, which   company members have to promote to sell. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses, the members of the company split themselves into operations, marketing, sales, personnel, IT and finance teams, so that the chosen product can be sold efficiently, creating revenue for the company and wages for the members!

The Young Enterprise Company Programme includes the following:

  • Weekly company meetings
  • Local, National and International competitions
  • Sales opportunities—Trade Fairs and School Functions

Over the years, the Young Enterprise team have created a range of selling and profit-making opportunities for their business. Including:

  • Designing, manufacturing and selling House Music Badges
  • Designing, manufacturing and selling personalised mugs 
  • Purchasing and organising the sale and delivery of Christmas Candy Canes
  • Purchasing, manufacturing and delivery of Valentine’s Roses 
  • Securing donations and organising an Easter Egg raffle
  • Planning, organising and providing the Year 11 Prom

For further information please contact:

Mr Antony Pawlett - Link Teacher for Young Enterprise and Teacher of Economics and Business