The King's (The Cathedral) School


The King’s School uniform was originally supplied by ‘Harry Nobbs’ in Peterborough, but in 1992 the shop closed following the death of the owner, and uniform sales were moved to John Lewis. A year later in 1993 the School formed its own company, Schola Regia Trading Ltd, who took over uniform sales with two Directors, Trevor Elliott and Dyl Powell, and the School Finance Manager as Company Secretary. Later a third Director joined, Governor Stephen Crane, and Gary Longman replaced Dyl Powell. The Directors were responsible for ensuring there was a competitive pricing policy by checking with city retailers. Any ‘profit’, after costs were covered, was invested back in to the school.

On Thursday 28 February 2019, we closed the doors of our School Uniform shop for the very last time!

The shop had been serving parents, carers and pupils for over 25 years but the time had come to relocate to an external provider, namely Total Clothing on Oundle Road, Peterborough.

Very careful consideration was made regarding this change, particularly in relation to pricing and the quality of the uniform that for many years our families had become used to. Total Clothing are a member of The Schoolwear Association and have also recently won a national award, ‘Best Schoolwear Specialist 2018’.

Since 1 March 2019 parents and carers have been able to access Total Clothing's online shop via our School website as well as visiting the shop in person.

We are very grateful to The King’s School Friends for agreeing to organise the sale of pre-owned uniform for us now that the shop has closed, via their Facebook page or by email at

Total Clothing have a wonderful display of our uniform and we are very lucky to have pride of place in their showroom!