The King's (The Cathedral) School


History has a fundamental role to play in providing a forum for young people, giving them a vivid appreciation of culture, the past and identity.   The study of History prepares them for their civic duties and responsibilities, encouraging them to appreciate our liberties and how we obtained them.  It can assist them on their career paths too, giving them the power of advocacy, oratory and the value of objective research. We firmly believe that History at King’s develops valuable learning skills, sparks dreams, and fosters an innate curiosity in our students.

’We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future’

Franklyn D Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States of America


History at The King’s (The Cathedral) School follows the National Curriculum

Year 7


History – What’s it all about? Skills unit; How did Medieval Monarchs keep control? How did the Medieval church affect people’s lives? What was England’s relationship with her neighbours? How hard was life for medieval people in town and country?

Year 8


Why did England become a Protestant country in the 16th Century? Elizabethan England – A Golden Age? Why did England Experience a Civil War between 1642 and 1649? Reputations: Oliver Cromwell - Hero or Villain? The Making of the United Kingdom. Union and the rise of Parliament . The fight for Civil Rights in the USA.

Year 9


How did Britain become an industrial nation? How Democratic was Britain by 1900? The Era of World Wars. How and why did the Holocaust happen?


OCR GCSE History A - J410 (FB) Explaining the Modern World

Year 10

British Thematic Study (Unit 2): Power and Monarchy 1000-2014 (25% of total GCSE)

British depth study and a study of the historic environment (Unit 3): The English Reformation and Castles (25% of total GCSE)

Year 11

Period study and non-British depth study (Unit 1): International Relations 1919-2014 and The USA 1919-48 - People And State (50% of total GCSE)


A Level OCR History A - H505

Year 12

British Period Study and Enquiry Unit 1 (Y102):  Anglo Saxon England  and The Norman Conquest 1035-1107 (25% of total A-Level)

Non-British Study Unit 2 (Y221): Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919-63 (15% of total A-Level)

Year 13

Thematic Study and Historical Interpretations Unit 3: (Y319): Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992 (40% of total A-Level)

Topic Based Essay Unit 4 (Y100):  Independent Coursework (20% of total A-Level)

Links to the Wider Community

  • Visits to the Black Country Living Museum with Year 8 as part of Activities Week
  • Visit to the Houses of Parliament and Castle Case Study with Year 10
  • A-level History lectures / conferences / trips
  • Year 12 Visit to Berlin

Department Staff

Mr Gordon Gunn (GEG): Head of History Department
Mr Jonathan Lister (JEL): Teacher of History
Mrs Hannah Sanctuary (HS): Teacher of History