The King's (The Cathedral) School


Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted to introduce our school to you on this website.

Our long history and exceptional achievements are things of which we are all extremely proud. We are convinced that pupils of all abilities will thrive in our challenging, supportive and friendly environment. The care we take over promoting wellbeing is at the heart of this academic success.

Excellent examination results are important, but not enough. Our aim is to encourage pupils to be balanced individuals, happy in their own success, and confident enough to give their full commitment to all that they do. The individual’s wellbeing, we believe, is rooted in a confident sense of who they are. This confidence and sense of value grows as a child experiences the benefits of contributing to School teams, in orchestras or, perhaps, as a key member of a production. It is through such contributions that a child discovers how to belong, as well as feeling confident about their contribution to their wider community. In this way your sons and daughters will learn not only to take advantage of the vast array of opportunities that are available at The King’s School, but also to lead full, rewarding and balanced lives.

In our Cathedral School, mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of all we do. We seek to nurture a sense of belonging to our extended family, in which every member is valued. We do all we can to support every child, and adult, at The King’s School and to treat them as an individual, capable of making a unique, distinctive and valued contribution. Our goal is that, by the time your child leaves us they, and their family, will have enjoyed the reward of being a part of a ‘Family Achieving Excellence’.

Such a welcome awaits every child, and family, that joins us and we ask that your sons and daughters will respect alternative views, show empathy and compassion, and develop an understanding of their own beliefs as well as the beliefs, and values, of others.

Do come and see us at the school, or contact us for further information, if you would like to know more.



Mr J M Harrison