The King's (The Cathedral) School


The Golden Threads of Teaching & Learning at The King's (The Cathedral) School, Peterborough

Lessons will help students make progress by:

1. Independent Learners

Encouraging learners to be independent.

[Over a sequence of lessons, students will do most of the work (e.g. verbal, written, performance, creative) both individually and in pairs or groups.]

7. Reflective Learners

Helping learners to suitably reflect on progress, develop resilience and respond to feedback.

2. Learning Environment

Creating a caring, encouraging and 'mindful' learning environment where expectations are high, lessons are structured and pupils thrive, take risks and receive praise.

8. Flexible Classroom

Adapting the learning environment to the context of the lesson and learners' needs (including the effective use of other adults, seating and resources).

3. Thinking Skills

Helping learners develop critical and independent thinking skills, allowing space for problem solving and innovation.

9. Meeting the Needs of all Learners

Ensuring that the needs of all learners are met through effective teaching strategies.

4. Metacognition

Providing regular opportunities for learners to recognise and strengthen the habits of ideal learning.

10. Range of Activities

Motivating learners by planning meaningful activities and using engaging resources.

5. Passion and Enthusiasm

Being infectiously passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject and learning.

11. Skills

Helping learners develop their communication and numeracy skills.

6. Success Criteria

Sharing transparent success criteria and providing positive, precise and focused next steps.

12. Challenge

Challenging learners to ask fitting questions and move beyond their comfort zone.