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Exam Candidate Information

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Mock GCSE Instructions

The GCSE Mock Examinations will take place from Monday 6 to Friday 17 November 2023 - download a copy of the timetable here.  It is also displayed in its own page here.

These exams will be sat in the School Hall under exam regulations and pupils will be seated according to a seating plan.


The mock exam will be a fair test of prior learning and, as such, candidates should ensure that they prepare themselves thoroughly. The outcomes, as always, will assist teaching staff in diagnosing gaps in learning, planning interventions and informing predictions. We always encourage pupils to ensure that they make the best use of this chance to try their hardest and to receive genuine feedback on their progress. We hope that the guidance given in the Elevate Education sessions, Good Study Habits sessions in tutor time and through Learning for Life will support their independent preparation.

Study Leave

To ensure that pupils maintain as much face-to-face contact with their teachers as possible, there will be no study leave from school for mock exams. When not in an exam, pupils will be engaged in supervised revision with their teachers. Pupils should ensure they are prepared with resources for these sessions.

Mobile Phones

Candidates are not allowed mobile phones, watches or MP3/4 players in any exam room. Items are to be stored in allocated lockers.

On Monday 20, Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 November, Art students taking part in mock examinations will be off timetable - all other pupils will be in school on their normal timetable.

All students should consult the examination timetable to confirm exam dates and times - a copy of the timetable can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. It has also been emailed directly to Year 11 students.

All exams will take place under official Exam Regulations:

JCQ Information for Candidates (Written Exams)

JCQ Information for Candidates (Non-Examination Assessments)

Should you be absent for any examination, it is essential that the Exams Officer is contacted immediately. Do not leave a message with other staff to be passed on.

Arrangements for the Year 11 Mock GCSE Examinations

All examinations start at 9.00am and 1.30pm. Remember that you must arrive fully prepared at your exam room well in advance of this start time, at least 10 minutes.

Examination Check List

  • Check your timetable to familiarise yourselves. Any questions or queries should first be referred to the Exams Officer. All examination notices will be posted in the Science Foyer.
  • Entry to the Main Hall will be via the Foyer. Please make your way there through the Science corridor.
  • Arrive at your exam with all the necessary equipment required for the exam (pens, pencils, ruler, mathematical equipment, etc. in a clear plastic case).
  • Full school uniform must be worn whilst on the school premises. You will also need to bring your swipe card which should be placed on your desk as identification.


Should you be absent for any examination, it is essential that the Exams Officer is contacted immediately - please do not leave a message with other staff to be passed on - and to arrange an alternative time to sit the exam(s). Absence due to illness on the day of an exam should be notified directly on 01733 751541 extension 371.

You do not need to contact Pupil Reception as the Exams Officer will let the school know. If you do not reach them immediately, you must keep trying - do not leave a message with anyone else in school. If you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to speak to the Exams Officer.

Candidates are not allowed mobile phones, watches or MP3/4 players in any exam room. These should be kept in individual lockers.

It is important to note that in public examinations, if a candidate is found to have a mobile phone on their person (even if they did not use it) this can lead to the candidate losing all marks for that examination.

JCQ Information for Candidates

All examination candidates must make themselves aware of the contents of the following JCQ publications:

Non-Examination Assessments
Information About You and How We Use It
Using social media and examinations/assessments
Written Examinations
No Mobile Phones or Watches
Warning to Candidates


Telephone: 01733 751541 ext. 371