The King's (The Cathedral) School


The Enhanced Learning Opportunities scheme offers the opportunity to year 12s and year 13s to project manage and deliver a session/series of sessions to invited groups of other students on various topics. 

Why get involved?  It is an opportunity to take responsibility to manage a project from conception to delivery (albeit on a small scale) and it is also an opportunity to demonstrate your passion or curiosity for a particular subject.  Both aspects could be very useful in personal statements!

Whilst a session needs to be related to subject learning it should offer an alternative ‘take’ on a particular topic which would engage learners with something a little bit different from normal lessons.  Examples have included forensic science experiments, bungee jumping for eggs, Van Gogh and the impact of synaesthesia (confusion of the senses) on his work!  

Students can work in small teams or by themselves to create a session/series of sessions, to liaise with the relevant subject departments re. the logistics for delivering the session (room, time, resources etc.), to set up advertising to the target audience and then delivering the session.

The Enhanced Learning Opportunities Scheme 2023-2024 will be launched in September 2023. 

Staff contacts are Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Manak.