The King's (The Cathedral) School


The EPQ at King's

The Extended Project Qualification offered with A-Level demands, with the relative value of an AS qualification. The A* grade is available! It is delivered in the place of Research Studies in Year 13.

We follow the AQA EPQ Qualification, the two main documents that we use in the delivery of the EPQ are downloadable below. You will need a copy of the Candidate Record Form (which we commonly refer to as the Log) saved with your name on it.

Work to do 2023-2024 Students:

The starting point over your summer holidays is to complete the online course provided by The University of Southampton:

You will then need to begin to assemble your research on your chosen area of study. Over the summer holidays you should seek as many research sources as you can, and make notes on those, to develop your understanding of your research project. It's probably a good idea to get at least 7 to 10 sources together over the Summer period, read them, make some notes and see if you can compare and contrast their information.

If you wanted an additional course to look at there is also this one from Bath University:

Deadline Dates 2023-24 (subject to be updated)

Record of Initial Ideas (p.5 log) End of Summer Term
Candidate Proposal (p.6 log) 15 September 2023
Supervisor Comments (p.8 log) 22 September 2023
Centre Co-ordinator Comments 29 September 2023
Planning Review (p.10 log) 20 October 2023
Mid-Project Review (p.11 log) 30 November 2023
Written Report hand in (your project) 22 March 2024 by 16:00
Presentation Session 26 March 16:00 onwards
Final Hand-In 28 March by 12:00








Items available to Download

AQA EPQ Specification

AQA Student Project Log 23/24

EPQ Curriculum Plan 23/24 - Details of Taught Skills Sessions


Useful EPQ Resources

The Manchester Phrasebank

The Academic Writing Process (Newcastle University)

The Power of The Paragraph (Brunel University) - You will need to create an account to watch this

Harvard Referencing Using MS Word