The King's (The Cathedral) School


Economics and Business are both dynamic subjects, and are set in the world today. In both subjects students learn how to apply theories to real life businesses, industries and economies.

'Entrepreneurial profit is the expression of the value of what the entrepreneur contributes to production.'

Joseph A. Schumpeter

Our aim is that all students should achieve the maximum of their academic potential, in the context of the need to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and development.

We will ensure that:

  • There is a secure and positive teaching and learning environment, where behaviour is good and all students are able to progress, whatever their level of ability
  • Business is available as an option from GCSE onwards, and Economics is available as an A-Level option


Year 10

  • Business 1: Business Activity, Marketing & People

Year 11

  • Business 2: Operations, Finance & Influences on Business

Exam Board: OCR (Business 9-1 J204)

Regular Trips / Activities / Events

Every other year we take our KS4 students to Disneyland Paris to learn first hand how a very successful business continues to attract increasing numbers of customers, and thus grows year on year.

Each year students participate in the Real Business Coca Cola Challenge.

Legacy GCSE Business Studies (J253) will continue to run for one more year, to be examined in 2018.



H431/01: The Local Business Environment
H431/02: The UK Business Environment
H431/03: The Global Business Environment

Year 12

  • An Introduction to Business
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Operations

Year 13

  • Further Human Resources
  • Further Marketing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Further Operations
  • The External Environment
  • Strategy & Decision Making

Exam Board: OCR (Business H431)

Regular Trips / Activities / Events

Every other year we take a trip to a European city (Budapest in 2017) for Year 12 Business and Economics students.

Young Enterprise is offered to Year 12 students (although you don’t have to study Economics or Business to be on the team).

Each year we have entered the ‘Subway’ competition with a mixture of Year 11s and Year 12s to create a ‘Sub’ for Subway to sell in their stores.

Teams in Years 12 and 13 enter the IFS Student Investor competition, aiming to increase (!) their share capital of £100,000 by buying and selling shares.


H460/01: Microeconomics
H460/02: Macroeconomics
H460/03: Themes in Economics

Year 12

  • The Economic Problem
  • Market Failure, Government Intervention & Macroeconomic Objectives
  • International Trade & Exchange Rates  

Year 13

  • The Labour Market
  • Market Structures & the Environment
  • Macroeconomic Objectives
  • Economic Development & Financial Markets  

Exam Board: OCR (Economics H460)

Regular Trips / Activities / Events

Every other year we take a trip to a European city (Budapest in 2017) for Year 12 Economics and Business students.

Every year a group of talented Economists enter the Target Two Point Zero Challenge run by the Bank of England.

Every year we aim to visit an Economics Conference.

Department Staff

Mrs Emma Weston (EJW): Head of Business & Economics Department
Mrs Lucy Willis (LAW): Teacher of Business & Economics and Assistant Headteacher
Mr Antony Pawlett (AJP): Teacher of Business & Economics