The King's (The Cathedral) School


This page contains links to School Policies for both Staff and Pupils of The King's School.

  1. Accessibility Planpdf
  2. Administration of Medicines in Schoolpdf
  3. Administration of Medication to Students on School Visitspdf
  4. Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedurepdf
  5. Assessment and Feedback Policypdf
  6. Attendance Policypdf
  7. Behaviour Policy With Code Of Conductpdf
  8. Careers Education Information, Advice & Guidancepdf
  9. Charging & Remissions Policypdf
  10. Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend Schoolpdf
  11. Communication Policypdf
  12. Complaints Policypdf
  13. Unreasonable Complaints Policy (linked to the above)pdf
  14. Confidentiality Policypdf
  15. e-Safety Policypdf
  16. Environmental Policypdf
  17. Exclusion of Pupils Policy and Procedurespdf
  18. Extended Absence from School Policypdf
  19. Leave of Absence Request Form (associated with above policy)pdf
  20. Freedom of Informationpdf
  21. Grievance Policy and Procedurepdf
  22. Health and Safety Policy (with Responsibilities)pdf
  23. Homework Policypdf
  24. Learning for Life Citizenship Policypdf
  25. Management of Sickness Absence (Staff)pdf
  26. Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policypdf
  27. Minibus Policypdf
  28. Outbreak Management Plan (Covid-19) - updated 03 March 2022pdf
  29. Privacy Policy - Employeespdf
  30. Privacy Policy - Generalpdf
  31. Privacy Policy - Governance Rolespdf
  32. Privacy Policy - Pupilspdf
  33. Protection of Biometric Information Policypdf
  34. Provider Access Policypdf
  35. Pupil Premium Policypdf
  36. Racial Equality Policypdf
  37. Records Management (Retention) Policypdf
  38. Recruitment Selection Policy and Procedurepdf
  39. Relationships & Sex Education Policy 2022pdf
  40. Remote Learning Code of Conductpdf
  41. Remote Teaching & Learning Policypdf
  42. Reporting to Parents and Carers Policypdf
  43. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - September 2022pdf
  44. Safer Care Code of Conductpdf
  45. School Data Protection Policy 2022pdf
  46. Special Educational Needs and Disability Policypdf
  47. Staff Code of Conductpdf
  48. Staff Development Policypdf
  49. Staff Induction Policypdf
  50. Staff Special Leave of Absence Policypdf
  51. Supporting Students with Medical Conditionspdf
  52. Whistleblowing Policy and Procedurepdf
  53. Whole School Pay Policypdf