The King's (The Cathedral) School


The King’s (The Cathedral) School is committed to supporting all our students. Each year teachers identify and update a register on those students who show a particular gift or talent within their curriculum area. They use subject specific criteria to help make their judgements as accurately as possible. This will typically result in ten per cent of any teaching group being identified in any one area.

If your son or daughter is identified as having a particular gift of talent in a subject area you will receive a letter that identifies which subjects this covers. Students are then able to register with a number of organisations which exist to provide help, advice, activity days etc.

‘Excellence East’ is a partnership of experienced educational professionals that specialises in supporting the education of students with high ability. It is aimed specifically at higher ability learners and their parents, carers and teachers. We would recommend you joining their website, it offers a range of exciting courses, activity days, online resources, links to other websites and plenty of interesting case study materials from schools across the region. It also provides links to Cambridge University and the University of East Anglia who are keen to develop links with schools and they run exciting and challenging programmes for Able, Gifted and Talented young people. Their aim is to expand students’ horizons and learn more about their subject areas within a university environment. Students will have an opportunity to work alongside experts as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, the opportunities available include subject taster days, Master Classes and Discover Days, there is also an opportunity for students to join discussion forums, and to gain sponsorship.

You may also access information regarding able, gifted and talented education opportunities via the NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) website This is an independent charity that works with the whole family to support the child who is gifted and talented.

There is also the recently formed Peterborough Learning Partnership website has information on activities within the local area for the more able student.

Within school G&T activities are varied, from external trips/lectures, after school events and Master Classes, through to additional activities within curriculum areas. This year (2011/12) as some of you may already know we have launched the learning commission to enhance teaching and learning through the school by creating greater collaborative opportunities between teachers and students. This is proving to be very successful and it is envisaged that some of the G&T students will be selected to develop and work with teachers in specific subject areas.

The school has funding available to support students taking part in activities either run by the school or identified by the students themselves from various G&T websites. Students can enquire about applying for funding for an out of school activity, course or workshop that is linked to the identified G&T by contacting Mrs Amps.

A summary of events will appear on the G&T calendar which will be updated regularly with news of courses and workshops. However, we hope that students who have been identified will be proactive in their approach and show independent skills to investigate opportunities that are outside of the school environment.

Within lessons students are being given regular opportunities to complete tasks that will stretch all abilities. This may be through the type of questions being asked, open tasks that allow a range of responses, or by completing slightly different homework tasks. Finally, it is important to note that we do not believe ability and potential is fixed, students should be encouraged to build on the aptitudes they have already shown.

If you have any questions regarding the Gifted and Talented provision please contact:

Mrs Alison Amps
(AST Teaching and Learning / G&T Coordinator)