The King's (The Cathedral) School


The King’s School strives for excellence for all pupils in all aspects of the learning environment (academic, cultural, sporting, social, moral and leadership). The School recognises that it is our responsibility as educators to enable the potential of each child to be fulfilled. We also believe that effective practice for very able learners is invariably good practice for all students.

We aim:

  • to provide all learners with an education matched to their individual needs
  • to encourage in our school, an ethos that ensures that we focus on effective teaching and learning
  • to develop depth and breadth of opportunity which recognises the specific academic, social and emotional needs of Gifted and Talented pupils.

In this School, we realise that what happens in the classroom lies at the heart of the provision for G&T pupils, and that is the direct responsibility of every classroom teacher. Classrooms should be places were learners are inspired, encouraged, challenged to question, speculate and hypothesise. The challenge for teachers is to make every lesson motivating and engaging, and to ensure that every student is stretched.

To provide for our G&T pupils, our teachers will provide a curriculum that:

  • is broad and available to all learners
  • includes opportunities for open-ended and problem-solving activities
  • stretches the most able and allows them to show what they can do
  • develops a range of learning styles
  • provides a range of learning experiences.

We also aim to enrich the curriculum of all students by providing extra-curricular activities which broaden subject content and increase the level of challenge. The Extended Learning Opportunities programme is developed with students and delivered by students to students thereby fulfilling the ethos of G&T provision. Experiences change from year to year but cover topics on forensic science to debating skills such as ‘No More Apology Face’.  To find out more about this year's programme, click here.

The Learning Commission also provides opportunities for students to explore how we learn best, co-construct elements of the curriculum and mentor other students which all provides challenge to students.

The learning Commission recently created a Map Of Opportunity which allows students to see extra-curricular provision across the school and flags any sessions which provide additional academic challenge.