The King's (The Cathedral) School


Admission Appeals

Intake appeals for Year 7 Transfer to Secondary School and Year 3 Transfer to Junior School.

If you are appealing because your child was not offered a place at The King’s (The Cathedral) School, as we are our own admissions authority, you will need to contact the School Registrar to request an Appeals Form, where you will state your reasons for the appeal. The form should be returned to the School Registrar by the date stated (within 20 school days).

At least ten school days before the appeal you will be informed of the date, time and venue by an Independent Appeals Clerk.

If we receive multiple appeals, we will hold an Appeals Group Presentation where we will present The King’s School’s case to all the parents together. All parents will be given the opportunity to ask general questions as will the Independent Appeal Panel. You will be given an individual appointment held in the following days to present your own case the Independent Appeal Panel. If you cannot attend, or do not wish to attend, the Panel will decide the appeal on the basis of the written information you have supplied.