The King's (The Cathedral) School


There are many staff and departments in the school, who provide our students with a range of support mechanisms. 

Whether students require guidance in finding learning resources, assistance in the classroom or emotional support, there is a person there ready to help.

The Learning Support Curriculum Area at The King’s (The Cathedral) School aims to ensure that all pupils receive the support they need, when they need it, to make the most of a broad and balanced programme of study within the framework of the National Curriculum. The Co-ordinator is Mrs Julia Hartley, who is assisted by a team of Teaching Assistants. Some of the TAs specialise in working with students in year 7/8 and are led by a Higher Level Teaching Assistant with special responsibility for this area. Other TAs tend to specialise more in subject areas as the students study for their GCSE exams. Their work is also led by Higher Level Teaching Assistants. There are in total 9 Teaching Assistants at the King’s School with the Higher Level Qualification and three colleagues with a Foundation Degree in Learning Support.

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“Independence is our aim”

While our role is to support pupils an students with special educational needs we are very aware that our ultimate aim should be to make them as independent of our support as possible, bearing in mind that from the King’s School they are likely to venture out into Higher Education or employment.

Statutory Duties

The Department seeks to fulfil its statutory duty with regard to the Revised Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs (January 2015). In 2016-17 there will be 23 pupils with statements of educational need with specific or general learning difficulties, or other special need. A Special Needs Register listing all the pupils and students in the school with a recognised special need is kept to inform all staff. Learning Passports are created for students with special educational needs. The Learning Passport acts as a guideline for staff, concerning the teaching and learning needs of pupils with special needs, across the School. Identification of pupils with special needs is made as early as possible on entry to the School by a variety of methods – primary school liaison; cognitive ability testing; monitoring of progress; close liaison with departments and teaching staff; discussion with individual pupils and consultation with parents.

Working with the Pupils

Support for pupils is mainly provided in mainstream lessons, but some pupils may be withdrawn for part of their timetable to work on literacy or other relevant skills from year 8 and a non-GCSE option known as Key Skills is offered to selected students whom it is felt would benefit from extra time to concentrate on basic skills, and receive extra help with their other studies, In addition, spelling and homework sessions can be offered at lunchtimes.

Although most of our work is carried out in other curriculum areas in support of pupils, the Learning Support Area can be found in the block next to Drama.

Any queries should be directed to:

Mrs Julia Hartley - SENDCo

If you have any concerns about the provision for a child with special needs at The King’s School, please email the Headteacher in this instance.

You may also wish to refer to our Complaints Procedure, which can be found in the Policies section of the website.