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Fundraising Update Summer 2017

The Committee has been working identifying how best it can focus its efforts to deliver maximum benefit to the School’s fundraising efforts

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Fundraising Committee
The Committee has been working identifying how best it can focus its efforts to deliver maximum benefit to the School’s fundraising efforts. In particular it has been working with the Old Petriburgian’s Association and its Chairman Mr Trevor Elliot, to work out how best to engage with “lost” alumni who may be interested in getting back in contact with their “alma mater”. The committee, in consultation with the wider governing body, have been working with the School to fully understand its investment needs to enable it to continue to be one of the top performing maintained Schools in the region.

Allocation of School Walk Funds
Teachers and students alike have been bidding for funds from the School Walk. A criteria for selection was designed and applications were assessed by Mr Ayling and Mr Stubbs.

The priority was given to applications that focused on teaching and learning; contributed to work experience and employability and open access and broadening provision. Some of the successful bids were: photographic lights and a camera for the Design Department; micro robots for ICT; equipment and parts to reinstate the weather station bid for by Geography. The Sports department successfully bid for kit for athletics; basketball and rugby and portable football goals.

Mr Ayling has written to all parents recently highlighting the financial constraints within which the School continues to strive to provide a first class education to its students. The regular and continued generous donations from parents, carers and supporters is an important element that enables the School to achieve its high standards. Every little, really does help, and sustained contributions however small, by quite a few, really do add up to a significant number! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the School.

Grant Applications
There are a number of grants that the School have applied for and we are hopeful that they may bear fruit. We have successfully completed stage 1 of an application for a grant to install a Media Centre in the old careers library. The Sailing Club is applying for funds for a new Feva (boat). The Sports Department have applied for a grant to train some of our students to be gym and exercise to music instructors. This will extend access to the gym facilities; provide those trained with a qualification they can use beyond school and encourage greater participation in exercise and healthy life choices. After reviewing the feedback from the unsuccessful Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid for the replacement of the science roofs; we have been working with our building partner and will be resubmitting this bid in the autumn.

If you are interested in finding out more, getting involved in fundraising or donating to the school please contact Rebecca Powell at